Choosing a holiday

16/10/2022 12:36
Have you ever returned from a holiday feeling underwhelmed, or needing another trip away to recover? A city break that’s a bit too hectic or a holiday that’s too tranquil may be the result of not having chosen the right holiday for your personality type, travel booking site Expedia says. The key...

Making up your mind

16/10/2022 12:35
Holiday behaviour: Apprehensive individuals tend to seek destinations, cultural activities and food types that remind them of home, or past travel experiences. Although they prefer not to travel alone, they can find resorts or holiday experiences with high levels of socialising and activities...

Cabin pressure - Children
It helps to breastfeed or bottle-feed babies when the plane is taking off and landing. Your toddler will also find a drink, such as a fruit drink box, will help. The swallowing motion can help reduce the build-up of pressure in their ears, which is quite painful for babies and children. Giving a dummy may also help as may chewing sweets or dried fruit for older children.

Dry cabin air
The dry air in an airline cabin is dehydrating and can irritate nasal passages.  Consider asking "your pharmacist for a 'buffered isotonic saline' nasal spray for infants, which reduces discomfort and reduces chance of picking up bugs. This is just a thought.